Dusty Deco

Albert Johansson - Conception VII

50000 SEK
Albert Johansson (Swedish 1926-1998)
Oil on Panel, Signed

Albert Johansson achieved his breakthrough in 1958 with an exhibition at Sturegalleriet in Stockholm. The reviews were both tough and laudatory, and he was often referred to as ‘the white painter’. The paintings from this period were created using a technique he had developed himself, and featured a coarse texture built up using concreter filler, aquarium sand and white adhesive colour, mixed with yellow or grey pigment. The works were meditative and introverted, and the archaism of the surfaces exudes a strong perception of time. The shapes he works with are remarkably simple: circles and scratched black lines that make their way between large fields of white. As eternal, magical symbols, the gently curving lines continue on their way through the frame and out into the universe.