We started one of Sweden’s most stylish and eclectic vintage stores with carefully selected design furniture, interior accessories and art that attracted buyers from all over the world. The journey started 10 years ago on a small scale and in addition to our regular jobs in fashion,  going to flea markets and buying  everything from furniture to decorative items for our apartment. Quickly, the home and the storage were filled and we needed a plan how to sell things so we could buy more.

The first purchase trip went to the US and the focus was on finding industrial items that we sold in our first store at Gärdet in Stockholm. After two stores in Söder and a smaller store in Östermalm, we finally opened the gates in an old 600-sqm garage on Brahegatan 21. Here we carefully selected design classics, furniture with a visual expression and contemporary art.

We have made purchases all over the world, met incredibly exciting people , and the journeys and meetings have always motivated and inspired us and made us grow. The trip has been fantastic and we have never given up on our basic idea of just buying things we love and would like to have in our home.

At the turn of the year 2019, we closed down the store operations to take the next step and focus on self-produced furniture, carpets, lighting and details.

The DD Collection  is partly inspired by items that has passed our eyes and hands during the years but also about shapes and looks that we find interesting and ”to die for”, furniture that breaths classical, luxury and modern.

Beside our own collection we will still trade with vintage furniture, details and art we love.

Join us on our new journey and adventures.

Edin & Lina/ Founders of Dusty Deco