DD Arco was born from an idea of creating something rounder and softer then other pieces of the Dusty Deco collection.

As always we have a true inspiration from travels and due to current circumstances and not being able to travel to our favourite cities we started to think what we love about them.

Going thru our phones and inspirations pictures there are many architectural images and arches from grand old buildings and terraces but also from landmarks such as the arc de Triumph in Paris and Arc de Triumf in Barcelona.

We took that shapes from the arches and added a bit of Memphis 80´s feeling.

comes in a boucle fabric from Nevotex or a linen blend from Astrid.

The chair is made at O.H Sjögren in Tranås, Sweden and was founded in 1902. The company has since start being run by the family Sjögren and is today one of the oldest furniture manufacturers in the country.

The production of furniture now takes place as then according to craft principles and the company’s ambition is to manufacture furniture of the highest quality.

The craftsmanship and design marries together in a beautiful manner, and the final product is handmade with all traceable materials.

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